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Taipei Guerillawalks 2011

Based on an analysis of the local relation of public and private space Austrian performance artist Oliver Hangl stages a series of two guided guerilla audio-tours through various streets and districts of Taipei, in which the participants are led via wireless headphone-systems. By commenting and fictionalizing places and (inter)actions, the guides will navigate through various outdoor and indoor public and private territory and spaces (such as shop(ping center)s, singing halls, swimming pools or even subways, private flats), always entering without prior notice. Moreover, the participants are enticed to become active themselves, but also reactions and statements of bypassers and residents will be integrated into the livestreams.

Thus, a small, silent group of headphone-wearing urban guerilleros is roaming around town, reclaiming public and private urban and living space – an ambiguous move bearing subversive potential due to its inverted message, which is hard to decode for an outsider. Those parasitic moves are nourished from both accidental and staged interventions and involve both improvisation and preparation (local artists and performers are invited to stage short performances). By placing a moving "Trojan horse of individual perception" into urban realities, an artistic strategy unfolds within a series of playfully negotiated open settings.

VIDEO Taipei Guerillawalk 2

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Fotos: DAC Taipei

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